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Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
An Overview
An advanced threat detection system that has redefined cybersecurity with its intuitive features enabling the system to foresee cyber hazards, fortify vulnerable areas and provide actionable intelligence through advanced analytics.

Key Features
  1. Real-time monitor that tracks user activity in real time.
  2. Advanced threat intelligence.
  3. Robust policy engine to control activities, to configure access, behavior and audit policies.
  4. Rapid threat analysis.
  5. Streamlined investigations with easy-to-find audit trails that allow replay of user actions.
  6. A rigid control list that enables control over user access and limits.
  7. Capable of analyzing numerous event data in real time.
  8. Appropriate automated actions and efficient workflows.
Product capabilities
Event correlation in real-time :This feature allows the SIEM to analyze and determine threat possibilities instantaneously in real time and present rapid facts and analysis to neutralize the threats.
Easy to scale : Powerful correlation that allows the system to scale rapidly to meet new security requirements without any time lag or delay.
Assessment of vulnerability : Dynamic in nature and ever vigilant, the threat assessment scans all potential systems and presents recommendations to neutralize the same.
Detailed analytics : Aggregates event data from multiple devices and presents contextual and actionable information about users, assets, threats, and vulnerabilities

  1. Advanced protection
  2. Improved accountability
  3. Increase in productivity
  4. Lower troubleshooting and forensic cost
Identity and Access Management (IAM)
An Overview
A sophisticated business-centric tool that enables integrated identity and access management for efficient administration.

Key Features
  1. Enhanced security protocols to protect sensitive data
  2. Business-friendly with advanced automated features
  3. End-to-end lifecycle management
  4. Automated user provisioning process
  5. Identity analytics and insights
Product Capabilities
Self-Service across enterprise systems : Promotes efficiency across the enterprise as it reduces held desk tasks considerably. Self-service allows the users to address basic issues such as password resets, account unlocking, profile updates etc. allowing the help desk to tackle critical issues.
Identity analytics : A powerful analytics tool that helps to identify areas of risk and identify optimization opportunities. It also helps to detect risky users in the system and their relative behavior through visual cues and insights.
Identity Intelligence through analytics : An integrated dashboard that allows identity administration. The closed-loop remediation ensures compliance on a need-to-know basis while dashboard provides options for customization allowing flexible role.
Privileged account management : Access through shared accounts enhances efficiency and its rich audit trail with upgraded security ensures complete security and compliance process.
Easy access decisions for business managers : Provides business managers an easy-to-use system that enables access control for their team. It also gives them access to identify and segregate duty violations and privileges within the enterprise.

  1. Enhances efficiency
  2. Boosts productivity
  3. Provides actionable insights
  4. Flexible and customizable access rights
  5. Security ensured for sensitive data
Web Application Firewall (WAF)
An Overview
A managed security service system that provides enhanced protection from application layer attacks, cross-site scripting, cross-site forgery etc. and from other common vulnerabilities.

Key Features
  1. Detects evolving threats and protects
  2. Improves performance
  3. Automatic updates
  4. Collective intelligence
  5. A multi-cloud holistic security framework
  6. Interactive dashboard with detailed analytics
Product Capabilities
Protection from web attacks : Provides advanced tools that allow you to filter traffic based on protocols that you create. You can filter web requests based on IP addresses, HTTP headers, HTTP body, or URI strings and block attack patterns that occur commonly.
Integrated security : Allows you to define application-specific rules that enhance web security as the application is being developed. Place web security at multiple points during the development lifecycle right from the developer who writes the code to the Ops engineer to deploys the software.
Easy deployment & maintenance : Easy to deploy and maintain, use the WAF across all web applications used by the enterprise and customize it through personalized protocols.

Database Security and Risk Control System
An Overview
An advanced auditing tool that can assess risk management, precise behavior backtracking with accurate auditing. It also helps resolve security issues in the core database of the company and ensures compliance through customizable work patterns and flexible audit policy configuration.

Key Features
  1. Provides enhanced security to the core database.
  2. Supports industry’s major database including Oracle, MS-SQL Server, DB2, Sybase, and Informix.
  3. Enhances transparency database surveillance.
  4. Reduces audit laboring cost.
Product Capabilities
Unique three-layer audit : A unique integration feature that allows you to track visitors through the web server and track their requests in the application layer such as operation URL, client IP etc.
Fine-grained audit : Capable of extracting relevant elements of SQL by analyzing them semantically in different databases.
Real-time audit Capable of monitoring all level of database activities simultaneously, analyze and present detailed analytics.
Risk Control : Advanced options that allow you to define important and risk events. An integrated dashboard that shows all pertinent information about logged-on users, source IP address, database objects, operation time, SQL execution order SQL implementation time, and record content.
Segregation of Duties : Easy to set user privileges that segregate the duties according to their duties and responsibilities in the enterprise
We aim to keep your machine free from all types of malware including viruses, trojans, bots, unwanted browser add-ons and toolbars, adware, and spyware. Our advanced detection method will ensure real-time monitoring and protection from any security issues – each file is scanned for fingerprints which are compared against our continually updated database to be marked safe or dubious.

  1. Schedule scans when it suits you best with multiple options available for the type of scan – quick, full, custom
  2. Both CLI and GUI interface are available – choose what you prefer
  3. Light on your system so you face no performance issues
  4. Worried about privacy? Rest assured that we will not collect any personal information nor will we let any spyware do so
  5. Our updates are automated – so you don’t have to worry about it
  6. Customise your reports and configure to send one when a specific action occurs
Our Intrusion Detection System (IDS) runs in the background – monitoring all events in the network, analysing them for any indication of violations and threats. If any unusual activity is observed, an alarm is raised after which the Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) takes over to work towards stopping it – all in real time. Choose IDS/IPS to fit your requirements:

  1. Signature-based IDS – compares list of signatures against activity to identify any incidents
  2. Anomaly-based IDS – observes events to find any abnormal behaviour and raises an alarm if that happens
  3. Network based IPS – use signature-based methods, detects and prevents malicious activity by analysing the protocol packets. Any suspicious changes to the network are logged.
  4. Host based IPS – analyses activity within a single host to detect/prevent malicious activity. Analyses code behaviour using signature-based and anomaly-based detection methods for any suspicious activities.

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